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Joseph Badger was an active portraitist in Boston during the middle of the eighteenth century. Having spent his youth in the town of his birth, Joseph Badger was married in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1731. Two years later he was recorded as living in Boston. He is thought to have worked almost exclusively in the Boston area. In documents concerning his estate he is identified as a "glazier" and a "painter." He appears to have begun painting portraits about 1740. Where Badger received what training he had is not known, although he lived near the "colour shop" of JOHN SMIBERT, presumably purchased supplies from Smibert, and may have taken some instruction from him. He must be considered a self-trained, primitive artist, but with the retirement of Smibert in 1746 and the departure of John Greenwood (1727-1792) in 1752, Badger ranked as Boston’s foremost portraitist until the arrival of Joseph Blackburn (active in North America, 1753-1763) in Boston in 1755. About 150 portraits by Badger survive, including those of some of Boston’s leading citizens.

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