Alberto Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti
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(Switzerland, 1901–1966)

The collection includes seven bronze sculptures by the Swiss Alberto Giacometti, as well as a single great oil painting. Postwar Giacometti sculptures were created as deliberate images of a humanity brutalized by recent events, or as spare existential images. In The Cage (1950) his thin, fragile, almost dematerialized figures convey a sense of profound loss and reflect a personal struggle for the impossible unity of world and ego. The Leg (1958) is a representation of a body fragment, suggested perhaps by the mutilation that Giacometti witnessed in survivors of the War. Here he elevates the lowly foot, places it on a pedestal, and makes a memorial of it. The collection includes Monumental Head (1960) one of a group of larger-than-life size figures conceived for the headquarters of the Chase Manhattan Bank in New York. Bronze portraits of his wife Annette and his brother Diego, both frequent subjects, as well as a painting of the Japanese philosopher Isaku Yanaihara are part of the collection.

- Stephanie Barron, Senior Curator, Modern Art, 2007
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