Intermediate Period

Intermediate Period
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7th - 11th Dynasty (2191-2061 BCE)

The so-called intermediate periods of ancient Egyptian history indicate periods of political fragmentation and a lack of centralized rule under one king. By the end of the Old Kingdom, the king’s officials had gained so much power that they rivaled the power of the king. Eventually, some of them became so powerful that many of these local officials came to rule their own regional areas and centralized kingship failed to exist. Due to a lack of centralized rule and rivaling local rulers, this was a period of economic hardship and political conflict. Toward the end of this period, the local rulers of the southern settlement of Thebes gained military and political dominance, beginning with the rule of Nebhepetre Mentuhotep. Mentuhotep once again united Upper and Lower Egypt under the rule of one king, and ushered in the next period of prosperity and political stability, known as the Middle Kingdom.

- Amber Myers Wells, (2006)
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